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I love running.

A 12-15min jog around the block around 12 years ago was the starting point of my running passion. For years, I’d run just for fun and for myself, without a GPS watch, with no clue about time, pace and distance. Entering a race didn’t even cross my mind.

When I was talked into participating in races, I was nowhere near the top 10, and never thought I would be. That’s where elite runners finish, right?!

I kept improving, eventually got a GPS watch and started more structured training, joined running groups and ran interval sessions. My interest for training science started when I was looking for a marathon training plan that should prepare me for my first 42.2km.

I read everything that is related to running and training as I find it fascinating how the human body reacts and improves when you put it through training. It all boils down to physics and chemistry. My background knowledge and training ideas were soon accepted as weekly training sessions of my local club. I started writing individual training plans for friends and acquaintances, analyzed their training data, looked at people’s fitness assessments and translated the data into understandable layman’s terms.

My own running improvement is great motivation for many of my fellow runners. See these examples:

  • 10k time 2005: 49:49
    10k time 2015: 40:41
  • 21.1k time 2006: 1:56
    21.1k time 2015: 1:30
  • 42.2k time 2011: 3:58
    42.2k time 2015: 3:13

As much as I love running, I love talking about running and helping other people achieve their goals by sharing my experience and knowledge. It’s my passion to work with runners.

I come across as a very friendly, approachable and down-to-earth person. I am able to listen and take a genuine interest in your background, motivation and lifestyle as part of making you a better runner. In return to your trust, I will be honest (sometimes brutally honest – but that’s my German background and can’t be helped), attentive and obliged.

I genuinely believe that every person can achieve more than they think they can.