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Nutrition is another big interest of mine which started off with the need to improve my own diet. Experimenting with my nutrition plus educating myself with countless books and articles about endless forms of restrictive diets (vegan, raw, sugar free, grain free, paleo, gluten free…you name it) were documented in my food blog Anja’s Food 4 Thought as my journal to better nutrition.

I love to share my nutrition knowledge and put it into a refreshing, innovative and long-lasting approach for you. It gives me great satisfaction to offer healthy alternatives to improve people’s well-being, for both weight loss, change in body composition and sports performance.

My belief is that education is everything. The general knowledge about nutrition and health is very low these days, distorted by massive exposure to marketing and advertising and a single-minded focus of magazines on just being thin.

Good nutrition needs lots of knowledge, a little discipline and time. By no means does it have to be expensive. Then it has a good chance to become a lifetime habit.

Nutrition Services

  • Comprehensive analysis of your current nutrition and lifestyle 175 Euro
  • 1 month nutrition plan 120 Euro
  • 3 month nutrition plan 300 Euro

The analysis includes a detailed report on your current nutrition and suggestions which areas can be improved and how.

The nutrition plans give you detailed suggestions what and how much to eat. I’ll be available for feedback, questions and adjustments along the way.