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I offer my coaching services to anyone who wants to improve their running. Anyone can be a runner. Anyone can improve their running. It’s all down to physical and chemical adaptations in your body that can be challenged by specific training. Nothing more than time and consistency and willingness is required. And a pair of trainers.

Everyone has their own prerequisites. No plan works the same for two people. Through analysis of your preconditions I’ll help you set realistic goals and time frames for your running progress; be that a certain finish time for a race, a certain distance, general fitness, or weight loss.

One-Off Advice

I am available for one-on-one chats to give guidance and structure to your running training. That includes advise about training after a lay-off, how to improve speed and/or endurance, how to determine training paces, and the components of a sensible training plan.


  • One-on-One Clinic(1h): 65 Euro


One-Off Training Plans

Also available are personalized training plans for a certain period, or leading up to your next race with no further feedback along the way:


  • 1 month plan: 50 Euro
  • 3 month plan: 120 Euro


Online Running Coaching

The initial analysis of your current fitness is the first step and most crucial to develop your individual training plan. The analysis will include a questionnaire about your past training, race times, other sports that you may do, injury history, and any running related data (eg. heart rate data, aeroscan) that gives information about where you are standing right now and how you got there.

We will discuss your short term and long term goals. I will want to know how much time you will have available and if you are involved with any sports or sports groups whose activities need to be implemented into your training plan.


  • 1 month training plan: 140 Euro
  • 6 week training plan: 180 Euro
  • 3 month training plan: 320 Euro


Personal Running Coaching

If you lack the confidence, motivation or discipline to go run by yourself, I will be available to do it with you and guide you through your sessions. While it is easier for many to run with someone, this is also the time we can chat about your training and your plans and I get a very real impression how you go on about it.


These personal training sessions can be obtained separately or in combination with a training plan:

  • 1h one-on-one session: 90 Euro
  • 10x 1h one-on-one session: 750 Euro

Group Running Coaching

While running is an individual sport, it cannot be denied that it is so much easier in a group. If you and your friends want to get into running, I am happy to help you kick start your new hobby. If you are a corporate team that needs to prepare for a team race, I’ll get you ready for it.

These personal training sessions can be obtained separately or in combination with a training plan:

  • 1h group sessions up to 5 people: 200 Euro
  • 1h group sessions up to 10 people: 300 Euro